March 19, 2010

Son of The Shield Teaser

Okay, I know that in real life the writer of the story doesn't get to be the writer of the teaser too. But I just couldn't resist now, while I have the chance. So, here's my teaser for Son of The Shield.

The fate of a nation...
And the faith of its people...
Have collided with the destiny of one man.

A twelve-year-old war and a centuries-old enmity are racing to a catastrophic finish. The country of Moritar has rallied the forces of evil in a merciless onslaught against the nation of Adelfia. The force of their desireto destroy is equalled only by the force of the Adelfians' determination that they will not be conquered. And the scale of victory and defeat is balanced in the hands of a man withno true loyalty to either side ... a man who is a traitor no matter which side - and diestiny - he chooses.

Son of The Shield


  1. ;0) Very nice! Would make me full of suspense except as your brainstorming/crit partner, I already know what happens...

  2. I love it. If only you could write the teaser too...

  3. Interesting. Let me know when it becomes available to read.

  4. Maaaaarrrryyy! You need to do another blog post!!!! And btw, you've been tagged on my blog! Come join the fun!


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