May 24, 2010

Book Review: Fable Weaver, by Carlie Gernhart

If you are looking for a fun, exciting, and unorthodox adventure, this book is a must-read. Winner of the 2008 One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) contest, Fable Weaver combines the story of a modern teenage girl with a generous helping of fantasy adventure.
Linnet, the main character, is a Fable Weaver, responsible for making sure that all figments return to Tierra Fabula (the place where characters go after their stories are over) from their vacations on earth. Always around to guard and assist her are Sekker, Arkose, and Izar - a trio of changelings with an obsessive love for cinnamon and video games.
The best thing about this book is the fact that it literally give you the best of both worlds, from car chases to sword fights, attic crawlspaces to Camelot, security systems to enchantments, and struggling to outsmart everyone from the local police to Morgan le Fay.
Really, the only thing that the book left me wanting (aside from a sequel) is a bit more explanation regarding how Linnet became a Fable Weaver in the first place, because other than a brief mention of it in passing at the beginning of the book, we really don't get a lot of information on that.
Otherwise, this is a fun and fabulous story that you can enjoy over and over (although I recommend having a plate of snickerdoodles handy when you do - you'll understand why when you read the book).


  1. Another book to add to my long list...but it really sounds interesting.

  2. I am still shaking my head and smiling, Mary Hawkins! I had a Google alert in my email to this blog and as my name is also Mary Hawkins naturally clicked on the url! Not only do we have the same name but we are both involved in writing Christian material! I do say 'ditto' and a big 'amen' to your 'Welcome Traveler' intro!
    I am an Australian multi-published in Christian fiction and only last week started my own blog with a link from my website: Except for The Lord of Rings books, afraid I personally do not generally read fantasy novels but a son and daughter love them so will certainly pass this information about Fable Weaver on to them!
    However, I thought I should warn you about my blog and as I am the one with the new blog is there anything I should...or about this?

  3. I have to laugh as well, Mary Hawkins! Actually, although I have published a few pieces under the name "Hawkins" it is not my real last name. My real name is of Welsh extraction, and unspellable by 90% of the general population, hence the need for a pen name.
    Therefore, I think it safe to say that you have all of the rights to your own name on your blog. Mine is the imposter, as it were. : )
    I do appreciate your thoughtfulness in letting me know, and it is a pleasure to 'meet' you. I hope that your son and daughter enjoy Fable Weaver as much as I did!

  4. You are very gracious, Mary-that-isn't-Hawkins!LOL! I've just become one of your 'Followers.' And now back to my own writing - am currently judging an unpublished authors' contest.


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