June 5, 2010

The Answer Revealed:

For all of you who have been trying to figure this out all week, here is the answer and explanation of the clues I gave you in the last post.
The woman is wearing a huge diamond wedding ring and diamond pendant: her husband had a lot of money in the past, so chances are he's not in a business that grows gradually.
She's had a face lift: this most likely would have been quite some time after they got married, so business has stayed steady and profitable for him.
She tans, colors her hair, and just opened a brand-new business in February (and not a business that is guaranteed to make huge profits, either): so her husband is making a lot of money now.
The only people making lots of money in this economy are doctors and lawyers. But a lawyer has to start small, grow his practice, and suffer some slow periods in his business. The diamond jewelry suggests that this lady's husband didn't have to start out small, and if he did it didn't take him very long to get past that stage.
He's a doctor.
Congratulations to Kate, whose guess was 'plastic surgeon'. But as for the rest of you ... well, I guess I'm going to have to come up with a few more scenarios like this, since your Sherlock skills apparently need a workout! ; ) Just kidding, and great job, guys!
I'll be back on Monday. Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. I guessed "plastic surgeon--" maybe my answer didn't show up. I was playing a game like this at work today. It was driving me nuts, trying to figure out how old some kids were, because I thought they'd driven in but they didn't look old enough to drive.

  2. ...If only I had gotten here sooner...lol That will teach me.

  3. Well, I tried. At least I can read Sherlock Holmes with some comprehension. ;)

  4. There was no way I could have guesses... I didn't know that the only people making money these days were lawyers and doctors.

  5. I almost put down "plastic surgeon"--I really need to start listening to my first impressions thoughts. Its when I start second-guessing myself that I screw up.


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