July 19, 2010


Imagine that someday, a person will be moved to tears by something you have written. Someone will laugh delightedly at the antics of a character who was born of your imagination. Someone will be inspired to strive for greatness by the heroes and heroines in your story.
Someone will stay awake until some ridiculous hour of the morning (even though they have to get up and go to work later) because they just can't put your book down. Someone will be waiting at the bookstore door when it opens on the day that your next book hits the shelves. Someone will stand in line for hours for the chance to meet you and get their copy of your book signed.
Someday, someone will look up at you, and at how far you have come in your journey, and will be encouraged to keep trying even though it is far from easy.
Today, write for that person.


  1. In the category of awesome, great, inspiring, and encouraging. :-D Thank you SO much for posting this...it's pretty much exactly what I needed. Thanks, in fact, for this blog!


  2. You are very welcome, Laura. It makes me glad to know that God can use my blog to bless and encourage you!

  3. I should come back here when I need encouragement to keep goings

  4. Mary, of course you can use my essay on your blog

  5. Thanks for posting this, it's a wonderful encouragement!
    In Christ,

  6. I quoted this post in http://thewordsmithsshelf.blogspot.com/2010/08/one-consuming-passion.html


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