January 28, 2011

Some Free Resources!

Looking to improve your craft without shelling out the bucks? Here are some great resources for writers, and they're perfect for the starving artist's budget too!
Fiction Writing Tip of the Week from Jeff Gerke: 96 thorough, practical, and entertaining articles that walk you through a lot of the most important elements of quality Christian fiction, from writing to editing to publishing!
Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine with Randy Ingermanson: every month's issue comes right to your inbox and brings three articles (one on organizing your writing life, one on writing craft, one on publishing) that break down that sometimes intimidating world of writing into simple, understandable, doable processes.
I hope you all enjoy these. How about you? Are there any good resources you enjoy that I missed?

1 comment:

  1. Free is always good. I like free. Thanks for the heads-up


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