February 28, 2011

Villains: Part One

This week I'm starting a series of posts on writing good villains. My goal is to get a good discussion going so we can all share our ideas on what makes a good villain and on how to write those good villains. I'm looking forward to hearing opinions from all of you!
I thought I would start out by sharing a list of my 'favorite' villains. Not all of them are fictional, but I tried to get a good cross-cut of the world of evil and villainy. So here they are:
-Captain Hook (from Peter Pan)
-Professor Moriarty (from Sherlock Holmes)
-King Herod (from the New Testament)
-Emperor Nero (from Rome)
-Queen Jadis (aka the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia)
-Rim Sin (from Fallen from Babel)
-Jaquenon Shalen (the villain from my novel-in-progress.)
Let's get this conversation started, guys! Who are the villains that you think best represent their category in the world of character roles?


  1. Captain Hook's on my list, definitely. During the climax, not a pun does he make. Gets to say, "Split my infinitives" instead!

  2. Billy Shepherd from the Cat Royal Mysteries. Best, most despicable villain EVER, hands down.


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