March 30, 2011

Avenir Eclectia--A new venue for sci-fi microfiction!

A Splashdown Books Project

Here's some good news for Christian Science Fiction writers! Explore the world of Avenir Eclectia - a colony clinging to life in the distant constellation Cetus, the Whale. Avenir, a space station-like ship, orbits Eclectia, a volcanic planet hostile and dangerous to human life. Planetside, miners, hunters, and smugglers eke out a living as best they can. Contact with the mother planet, Earth, has been lost, and nearly forgotten.
Avenir Eclectia is a multi-author microfiction project from Splashdown Books, currently running online but slated to be released in print as an anthology in the future. They are looking for vignettes and flashfiction set in Avenir Eclectia, preferably pieces 150 - 400 words in length. Visit their website; read the history and background of Eclectia; enjoy the stories posted by other writers; write your own!
Be a part of shaping the intriguing world of Avenir Eclectia.

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