April 27, 2011

Publishing Contract Giveaway

The Writer's Lair is pleased to announce the launch of Rhizome Publishing's first-ever "Cultivate" publishing contest. The guidelines are wonderfully simple (and simple is always good, right?): submit your completed manuscript by Sunday, May 29, 2011. Submissions will be sorted according to genre and the best manuscript from each genre will then be sent to the editorial staff. One winner will be chosen to receive a publishing contract with Rhizome Publishing, which includes:

1) Cover design

2) Editing

3) Interior Layout

4) Publishing to all E-Book services

5) Set-up and delivery to our Book printer

6) Distribution through Ingram (which makes the book available at all retail book stores)

7) Generous royalties

8) And viral marketing

Rhizome is open to and welcoming speculative genres, as well as most other genres of fiction and non-fiction.
If you are interested in entering this giveaway, send an email to contest@rhizomepub.com; they will send you an author packet with more submission information. Meanwhile, Click Here for more information about the contest, guidelines, and Rhizome Publishing.

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