December 16, 2011

Five Tips for Intensifying Your Fiction

I'm pleased to have my sister Karri as a guest contributor for this post, since she's the one who inspired it. Please make her feel welcome, and enjoy!

Here are some tips and ideas guaranteed to create and promote doom, chaos, devastation, darkness, tumult, evil, despair, and mayhem - essential ingredients for every truly great work of fiction.

1. Give your main character not just one, but two step parents. If one can cause trouble, just think what two could do! (You can work it out any way you want. As the king of Siam would say: "You put in the details.")

2. Make each step parent arrange a marriage for your main character... with different people.

3. Make both parties to which your main character is betrothed hire someone to kidnap him or her. Then they can play keep-away.

4. Have your main character accidentally fall in love with both of the parties to which he or she has been unwillingly betrothed.

5. Give your main character serious personal insecurities, grotesque physical deformities, and a tendency to get amnesia easily.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to create more drama and trouble in their fiction? (Be as creative and silly as you want - this post is just for fun, after all. ;)


  1. That was really good :D
    If I think of any, I'll be sure to suggest them!

  2. I enjoyed this! You're waaaaaaayyyyy beyond mayhem already. Maybe sprinkle in some secret relationships (lost brothers or sisters) in this mix.

  3. Take a hint from George Lucas and make one of the love interests turn out to be a close relative.

    Take a hint from the Princess Bride and kill someone off several times without ACTUALLY killing them off.

    Take a hint from Astro Boy and give someone a overdeveloped hero complex.

    :) And just for fun, look up the Evil Overlord List and make a villain who actually abides by the rules of logic.


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