July 12, 2012

The Unofficial Son of the Shield Soundtrack

By soundtrack, I don't necessarily mean that every song listed below actually goes with a specific scene in Son of the Shield. Some do, but a lot of them were simply what gave me the idea for a certain scene or concept. Others helped me work through and figure out difficult character arcs or problems within the story. Some songs are the ones I blared through my headphones while frantically pounding the keyboard trying to keep up with the images rolling through my head. But all of them pertain in some way to SotS and the journey that writing the story took me on. Someday, there may be an Official Son of the Shield soundtrack but for now, I hope you enjoy the unofficial one.
I've put my SotS-themed name for each track on the left (while trying not to let the name spoil the story) and the real name and credit for the song on the right. Clicking the link will take you to a Youtube recording of the song. I hope that's not too complicated or annoying, but with my level of technical savvy it's about the best I can do. So here goes:

This is by no means exhaustive - there are many, many scenes and plot points in the book that aren't represented here - but these are the songs that I listened to the most or that were the most helpful during the writing/editing/rewriting process.



  1. Almost everything I listen to is soundtrack (although I love lyric songs, too), and I almost always put unofficial ones together, so I love this post. I hadn't heard a few of them. I think you hooked my on the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Sounds like an action-packed story!

    1. Well, I hope it's action-packed, anyway. ; )
      Trans-Siberian Orchestra tends to hook people. You should listen to their Christmas albums. And they put on a great concert - if you ever get the chance to go to one, take it!


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