April 1, 2013

The Moment You've Been Waiting for...

... is here!

Burns the Fire, the sequel to the groundbreaking Christian steampunk novel Falls the Shadow, is here.
No more waiting. The day has dawned. Click Here to read the just-released prologue (if it were in print the ink would still be wet, that's how new it is) and return to the shattered world of Shandor Rei, the White Tiger, and the battle to restore and secure the freedom of mankind's mind.
Rejoin Libby, Skylar, Maricossa, and the rest of the cast, as old struggles continue and new adventures begin. Meet brand new characters as the story expands in new directions. Explore and experience the post-Bug War world as never before... and be sure to pay attention, because it's about to change. Forever.

Welcome to the new war.



  1. Yes! At last! (runs to Lost Scribes blog)

    ...um, by the way...there had better not be an April Fools prank in here.

    1. LOL - don't worry, Heather and I threatened Elyn within an inch of her life if she tried to pull anything like that again. I have had plenty of time the last few days, though, to question the wisdom of tempting fate in such a way as choosing today for the launch day. ; )


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