November 30, 2013

Journaling - The final hours of NaNoWriMo 2013

Well, since a picture's worth a thousand words...

I did it! I hit 50,000 words at about 6:15 this evening... after writing about 8,000 words since 8:00 this morning. 8,000 words in a day isn't a record for me, but it's close to it.
Not only did I hit the 50K mark, but I finished the story too, which is an added bonus. For a while, I was afraid that the story was going to end up being much, much longer than that, but it all finished up quite nicely, I thought.
The finished story I ended up with is not even remotely close to the story I thought I was setting out to write, but that's perfectly okay with me. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. The story I ended up with is (in my humble opinion) far better than the one I thought I was going to be writing.
It's amazing what giving up our preconceptions and letting God take control of where the story goes can lead, hmm? I found myself surprised by a lot of things, totally lost now and then, and a little panicky a time or two, but it all turned out okay. Even though this story is going to need huge amounts of editing, expanding, and rewriting before I can even think about letting it out, I've got a great place to start, and a story that I never dreamed I would write already written in its first draft.
NaNoWriMo 2013 has been an amazing experience. I know some of you probably aren't finished yet - after all, we still have two and a half hours until the deadline - but I sincerely hope all of you had a NaNo2013 as great as mine was!


  1. Congrats, Mary! And since yours is not a sequel (like mine), I don't feel at all guilty for asking this: When can I read it? :D

  2. So happy for you! I would love to read your story sometimes, just reading the title gives me chills. ;) I finished 56 minutes before the deadline. Wow, that's an amazing feeling to look at a word count of 50,000. Thank you so much for telling me about this and encouraging me to go for it, I really needed the push.

  3. First off, HURRAY!!! WAY TO GO!!!

    Second, isn't it amazing that God cares about our writing? I used to think it was kind of silly, thinking God would give us help with books we wrote, but the more I wrote the more I realized it is true. He cares, and He helps. And stories always turn out so much better. One of the best things about writing for Him.


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