November 28, 2010

Journaling: Day 28 of NaNo

Total Word Count: 46, 668
After ten days of being woefully way behind schedule, and three days of cranking it out to get caught up, I am now one whole word ahead of schedule! So now I am enjoying a celebratory bagel complete with melted butter and strawberry cream before putting in another hour or so of writing time tonight.
We're cruisin' the home stretch, people! Only 51 hours of NaNoWriMo2010 left! (At least in my time zone, anyway. I don't know about yours.) Oddly enough my entire family, none of whom are writers, have all jumped on my little bandwagon and are nearly as consumed with NaNo as I am at the moment. Between Mom and my brother James I haven't had to update my word count on the site a single time today--but the two of them have collectively updated it about 14 times. Any time I stray too far from my desk chair one family member or another commands me to "sit, stay, and write!" Both of my brothers have, at some point today, informed me that I will finish on time or else (the details of 'else' have not been specified). Their enthusiasm has struck me as a little odd, but... well after all, I've known they were all odd for years. : P
So, to those of you who have already finished and become verified 2010 winners, congratulations! To those of you, like me, still plugging away towards the finish line, keep at it! We're almost there, and you can do it! To those of you who chose or were forced to drop out early on, well... I understand. Really. Better luck next year? We'll see.
I'm off now--got to get back to the story that I seriously doubt will conclude itself in 3,332 words... although it may, you never know. If it does though, it's going to have a serious bottle-rocket ending. Only one way to find out!

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