November 29, 2010

Journaling: Day 29 of NaNo

Total Word Count: 50,971
I won!!!!! My first NaNo ever, and I won!!!!
I have just concluded a glorious evening of eating end-of-NaNo pizza, enjoying cream soda and dark chocolate-covered pomegranates, and watching my favorite movie of all time, The Young Sherlock Holmes, to celebrate. My wonderful mother (without whom my successful completion of NaNo would not have been possible--and I mean that in all seriousness) spent the evening with me, sharing in my revelry... since celebrating all by yourself isn't half as much fun as celebrating with a friend.
The only down side is that--well, The Pirate Shrine isn't finished yet! Nearly 51k words and I'm still just on the verge of the big climax of the story. My characters just will not be rushed, not for me, not for word counts, not for deadlines, not for anything. I'm seriously hoping that the story will wrap up around 52 or 53k--surely no more than that! (Famous last words) At any rate, I'm hoping to get the story finished up tomorrow, and then I'm closing that lousy computer file that I've lived in for the last month, and moving on to something with a much lower stress level!
I've got a host of exciting new projects lined up, so for those of you who have so patiently stuck with me through the drudgery of NaNo, keep sticking around for the adventures to come!


  1. Chocolate covered-pomogranates? Where do you find those? Congradulations!

  2. Thank you, and the same to you!
    The pomegranates just come in little bags, you can usually find them in the candy aisle of Wal-Mart. And they're amazingly good! ; )


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