July 5, 2011

Back from holiday, with an Interview!

Well, it's back from the weekend, back from holiday, and back to life and work for all of us, I suppose. I hope everyone had as great a weekend and Independence Day as I did. My family and I traveled down to Joplin, Missouri and I was able to check one item off of my "Things to Do Before I Die" list: I saw Rush Limbaugh in person! To kick off the start of his new tea-brewing company, he announced a while back that he was going to give away a semi truck load of bottled tea, and asked his talk show listeners to suggest what home town he should send it to. When the answers came back overwhelmingly in favor of Joplin, Missouri (site of the recent devastating tornadoes), El Rushbo decided to come in person as well as sending the truck load of tea.
Okay, I know those among my readers who aren't Ditto Heads are probably thinking 'what a boring way to spend July 4th'. Just trust me, it was a fabulous way to spend the holiday with my family (and a huge 'thank you' to my dad, who was willing to drive hundreds of miles so we could attend!). And if any of you are looking for the best Raspberry sweet tea you've ever tasted, just check out Two if by Tea.
Alright, now for the big news, something that might interest you all: Laura Andrews, a writer of Christian speculative fiction, has graced me with the honor of my first interview as an author! You can read the full interview here, on her blog In Sunlit Realms of Faerie. I had so much fun doing this, and Laura is an excellent interviewer. Her questions really made me think about aspects of my writing I hadn't consciously considered before. Now that I have thought about them, though, I'm thinking more in-depth about a lot of other areas too.
So, a hearty 'thank you!' to Laura, not only for doing me the honor of asking for an interview, but also for encouraging me to think through the deeper issues behind why I write the way I write.
Be sure to check it out, everybody!


  1. Hey, you got to see Rush Limbaugh :) Pretty neat. When he just keeps the bad words out, he's hilarious!
    And you're welcome. I'm glad I was able to make you think about things with a new perspective. I really liked doing the interview as well.

  2. Totally awesome! Off to read it right now!


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