November 30, 2011

Journaling - Day 30 of NaNo

I'm finished!

Total Word Count: 55, 103

I made the word count goal, and my story is completed. It turned out nothing like it was supposed to, not at all like I thought it would, and I'm relatively certain it's pretty sappy. Like I said in the last post, I'm an action writer, not a sit-around-and-think-and-make-tough-decisions-and-fall-in-love writer. Unfortunately that's just how this year's NaNo seemed determined to come out.
Eh, oh well. I've got that story idea off of my plate and out of the way, and I've completed my second successful year of NaNoWriMo. So all's not lost, even if the story didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to.

On the whole, I think this year's NaNo has been a great way to get myself back into a serious hard-and-fast writing groove after a long, crazy-busy summer and fall. I'm ready to get back to Son of the Shield and hit it hard. That editing just isn't going to finish itself (believe me, I know - I've been waiting for it to for some time now). I'm ready to get back to the 'normal' writing life bright an early come December first!
Well... maybe I'll let myself sleep in a little. You know, just to recover from NaNo. But you get the picture.

Writers, have you finished yet? What's something interesting or unexpected you've learned about your story this month, or maybe even something you've learned about yourself as a writer?
Non-writers, are you ready for your writer friends and family to finally be getting back to normal?


  1. I'm not sure what I learned yet. Ask me after break starts.

  2. I've learned that I can write an 80K+ word story even though I didn't even have an idea to start with. X) Congratulations on winning!

  3. Good job! I'm glad you were able to do it :D
    I finished too! I mean, I finished my word count, but not the story. I thought I wouldn't be able to make it, but I had some encouragement, so I kept going, and lo and behold :D :D I have no idea what I've learned, except maybe that I can write 10,300 words in one day? I'm too tired to be able to think of a lot of things right now.
    Congrats again!

  4. Great job, ladies!
    80K, Tahl, that's pretty impressive - especially with no idea to use from the get-go!
    Laura, you've beat my record. My biggest single-day word count is 7.5K.
    I hear ya, Galadriel. I don't think I'm going to feel like analyzing or discussing this year's NaNo until after Christmas, at least.

  5. Congratulations, Mary! Your experience shows how characters/stories have some kind of life of their own, and can refuse to go where we would rather take them.

    Back to what you love, right?


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