May 2, 2011

Falls the Shadow

Coming to The Lost Scribes blog May 15: Falls the Shadow.
The first Christian steampunk novel of its kind, by authors H.A. Titus, Elynn W. Marshe, and Mary Ruth Pursselley.

Imagine a world where technology has replaced the need for traditional education... even the need to read. Imagine entire sectors of cities being abandoned as rapid technological advances render them obsolete. Imagine libraries falling into disrepair and decay, the books inside moldering away, ignored until they are forgotten...

until an experiment, using computer viruses as weapons of war, goes tragically wrong.

Welcome to Shandor Rei.
Amid the wreckage of a swift and devastating war, life goes on--as a fight for survival. Poverty, starvation, violence, and oppression haunt the streets and the broken people who live there.
One chance for recovery and freedom remains: thousands of books, buried deep beneath the rubble in the ruins of a bombed library.
A teenage boy named Skylar dreams of finding lost books and learning to read, but has his doubts about whether they could still exist after so much destruction.
Maricossa, an agent of The White Tiger, has been ordered by the oppressive government to find and destroy any books that may have survived the bombings.
Libretto con Brio, a spunky teenage girl, has dedicated her life to making sure no one finds the books she protects--ever.

When circumstances bring the three of them together, a battle of ultimatums, loyalty, deception, and trust begins. No secret is safe. No outcome is certain.
No motive is clear, for "between the motion and the act... between the emotion and the response...
Falls the Shadow."
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  1. Oh, Mary! That sounds like a great book! Can't wait to read it :D
    And where do you live? Because I live in Iowa.

  2. Wow...I like your blurb best! Can I copy it and use it for the blog?

  3. @ Heather-- : ) Glad you like it! Go ahead and use it!
    @ Laura Elizabeth-- Glad you're excited; we are too! And I'm from Missouri. : )

  4. A bombed library...lost books...a steampunk world...I love this concept! I'm looking forward to checking out the story, though I generally don't read serially posted tales. I may have to wait until there's a good chunk of story up, but you definitely have my interest. :)


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