May 23, 2011

Why We Write

Most people, but certainly writers most of all, understand the power a story can wield. A story can make you laugh or cry, it can show you the world in a way you've never seen it before, and sometimes it can even change your life.
And that is what Rhizome Publishing's newest project, Teach Your Daughters to Cry Loudly, is about: changing lives. Reaching those who are out of reach. Speaking for those who can't speak for themselves. Click Here to see the project's promotional video and learn more about Teach Your Daughters to Cry Loudly. Rhizome plans to sign a total of fourteen writers to tell the stories of fourteen women living through terrible circumstances. They have signed five already. But in addition to that, they need financial support and prayers. Please click one of the links above and prayerfully consider getting involved in any way you can.
Regardless of whether you feel led to join this particular project or not, I'd also like to use this opportunity to remind all you Christian writers out there why we do what we do. God said in His Word that we as Christians are to protect and care for orphans and widows. We are to feed the hungry and lift up the weak. He also told us that He has given each of us gifts to enable us to fulfill these callings.
Writers, He has given us our pens. Are we using them to fulfill God's calling and bring Him glory... or are we using them to pursue our own dreams and bring ourselves glory?

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