August 13, 2012

Favorite Quotes About Books

"Books, pocket-size jewels, open up like doors to worlds you never knew existed."
~ Antonio D'alfonso

"Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you'd most like not to lose."
~ Neil Gaiman

"To a bibliophile, there is but one thing better than a box of new books, and that is a box of old ones."
~ Will Thomas

"All good and true book lovers practice the pleasing and improving avocation of reading in bed. No book can be appreciated until it has been slept with and dreamed over."
~ Eugene Field

"When I step into this library, I cannot understand why I ever step out of it."
~ Marie de Sevigne

"You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend."
~ Paul Sweeney

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are."
~ Mason Cooley

"Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one at the end of a long day makes that day happier."
~ Kathleen Norris

"Any man with a moderate income can afford to buy more books that he can read in a lifetime."
~ Henry Holt

"Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled 'This could change your life.'"
~ Helen Exley

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."
~ Frederick Douglas

What is your favorite book-related quote?


  1. Neil Gaiman's was on my list, too. :D You asked for it...

    Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.--Lemony Snicket

    I can feel infinitely alive curled up on the sofa reading a book.--Benedict Cumberbatch

    Brendan: “You can’t find out everything from books, you know.”
    Aidan (laughs): “And I think I read that once.”
    —The Secret of Kells

    His last thought was of June. And of an overdue library book.--The Slitheen Excursion by Simon Guerrier

    Where books are burned, they will, in the end, burn people, too.—Heinrich Heine

    The truth is that even big collections of ordinary books distort space, as can readily be proved by anyone who has been around a really old-fashioned secondhand bookshop, one of those that look as though they were designed by M. Escher on a bad day and has more staircases than storys and those rows of shelves which end in little doors that are surely too small for a full-sized human to enter. The relevant equation is: Knowledge=power=energy=matter=mass; a good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to read.

    Books bend space and time. One reason the owners of those aforesaid little rambling, poky secondhand bookshops always seem slightly unearthly is that many of them really are, having strayed into this world after taking a wrong turning in their own bookshops in worlds where it is considered commendable business practice to wear carpet slippers all the time and open your shop only when you feel like it.
    --Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

  2. The quote by Henry Holt is totally true, especially in my dad's case :D I Loved all of these!
    My favorite book quote would probably be, "You can never get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." ~ C. S. Lewis (of course :D )

  3. Wow - I love all of those, girls! They'll be going into my quote book as quickly as I can get them there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh!!!! I so am going to steal some of these!!!! I wish I had some to add to your list, but honestly (can I dare admit this?) I do not have a list of book quotes! I, who love quotes period... Don't ask how that has happened. I don't know. I have over 30 pages of document on my laptop of just quotes, and not one is about a book. My bad. BAD. So anyway, now I have a bunch. And you can be sure I will begin to add to it now!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. You, of all people, don't have any book quotes?! I'm shocked! ; P

    2. I know... I am ashamed... :)

  5. 'When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes' ~Erasmus

    'Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again' C. S. Lewis

    'The venerable dead are waiting in my library to entertain me and relieve me from the nonsense of surviving mortals' Samuel Davies

    'She won't listen to me because she's fallen into a book again'~My little brother. XD


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