August 27, 2012

Update on the Wildfires

Thanks so much to all of you who prayed for my county and friends over the weekend. I'm blessed to report that both fires are now out. No firemen were injured, and our friends' property was safe. The severity of the drought actually turned out to be a blessing in that case, because what little grass there was the livestock had eaten down literally to bare dirt, so when the fire reached it there was nothing for it to burn and the firefighters were able to bring it back under control.
Lots of people have lost lots of their winter hay, which will create a struggle since the drought is forcing us to bring hay in from out of state, and many cars were destroyed in the fire, but everyone's livestock and homes were safe, and for that we are all very grateful.
And as a bonus... we got rain over the weekend! Not much - about 1/4 inch on Saturday and another 1/2 on Sunday - not nearly enough to break the drought, but enough to settle the dust and keep us going for a little while longer.
So thank you all very, very much for your prayers. They were answered, and they are appreciated. God is good.

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