August 4, 2012

Vacation Chaos and Photos, Part 3

This will be the final installment of the photos and tales of chaos and mishaps from my vacation. I can't believe it's already been a week ago!
First off, a few more pictures from the museum:

 Honestly, I think this triceratops was my favorite of all the dinosaurs in the Dinosaur den.
As a fantasy writer I'm standing there thinking 'Now if you were to make some kind of armor for that big plate on his head and rig up some kind of saddle...'

'... and if I was being attacked by something like this and all I had was a sword...'

These are 'zebroids' - a cross between zebras and domestic equine breeds. The pale one is a 'zedonk' and the darker one is a 'zorse'. They were both so cute and so beautiful!

And of course, as a writer, I'm thinking 'So, how could I create a fantasy culture that rides zebroids?'

And the grand finale of our time at the museum - we brought chaos with us! This photo was taken from inside the lobby of the museum a few minutes after closing time. We were on our way to our vehicle when this ominous-looking cloud came up and the security guard herded everyone back inside. Just a few seconds after this picture was taken, a nice little funnel cloud started thrashing around right above the museum! Fortunately, it fizzled out in just a few seconds. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get  picture of the funnel itself.

The main feature of our vacation was over, so we packed it in and headed out. On the way home we were able to attend my great-grandmother's 95th birthday party, which was a special treat... though my mom was very explicit in the warning she gave me not to get into any fistfights. (Seventeen years ago, at my great-grandfather's 80th birthday party, I got into a fistfight with my cousin and no one will let me live it down. For the record: he started it. I just finished it. And I was only seven at the time.) Well, I didn't get into any fistfights at this party... but I did get into a lively Creation/Evolution debate with another one of the guests. Rather fitting, the day after leaving the Creation Museum!

After that it was homeward bound for us. We had planned to stop in Paducah again for the night, but apparently half the state's population had the same idea. We stopped at nine different hotels in Paducah, but there was no room for us at the inn. So we ended up making the entire drive home in one night and arrived home at five Sunday morning. Needless to say, we slept for most of the day and enjoyed a very laid-back family day for the rest of the day.
Apparently, the mishaps didn't abate at home while we were away. Monday morning we discovered that our house had become infested with ants (and Dad has been having way too much fun warring against them with the vacuum this week) and our congregation's pastor had resigned.
So at the end of the day the Pursselleys are back, and things are carrying on pretty much as normal... whatever that is.
Next week I'll get back to normal posting here at the Lair. There's lots to talk about and share! So once again I hope you've enjoyed these pics and snippets from my vacation, and I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Zebroids are fantasy culture incarnate. Forget puppies or ponies or red bicycles I WANT ONE FOR CHRISTMAS.

  2. I love those Zebroids! Now I want to use them in my story, too :D


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