November 12, 2012

Journaling, Day 12 of NaNoWriMo

Total Word Count so far: 13,304

Yes, I'm already a few days behind. I had a bit of a crazy weekend, and time change really threw me for a loop this time around, which doesn't usually happen. Plus I've had a really hard time getting into this story for some reason. Of course, that could be due to the fact that the story idea was only two weeks old when NaNo started... not the greatest plan I've ever had... but I've ironed out some issues and I think this week I should be able to get caught up. Maybe I can even start building up some cushioning so I don't get behind again over Thanksgiving. (Whose crazy idea was it to put a national holiday right in the middle of NaNo, anyway?)
I realized that my main character, Thaddeus, had no character arc, and that that was part of what was creating so much drag in the story's flow. So I've figured out what his arc is, and I think it's starting to streamline things a little more. That being said, I should probably get off the internet and go write. I have a lot of ground to gain!
One last thing: since life does seem to go on outside of NaNo (It's a wild idea, I know, but hey--they laughed at Copernicus, too.), I've got a few more interviews with authors from the Avenir Eclectia anthology that I'll be posting later this week, so be sure to watch for those!

How is NaNoWriMo going for the rest of you (whether you're writing or not - you still have to live through November)?

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  1. November has been crazy over here. I have a stack of oboe music that's at least 1/2" thick, most of which must be learned before December 1. And we have family staying with us - I've had time to write a few blog reviews that were already written in my mind, but no time to write other things or get any work done towards publishing (aside from the upkeep of my facebook page). I'm not regretting that I chose not to do nano this year - though I may do my own sort of thing in January or February to get more done on the musical.


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