November 1, 2012

Journaling NaNoWriMo, Day 1

Total word count so far: 1698

I've just barely made my quota for the day, with a few words to spare, but hey - setting the story up is the hardest part, and the day's not over yet.
Why didn't I do more research before starting on this?!?!?! So far today I've Googled at least 20 different things, from 'glossary of fencing terminology' to 'Anglican ministerial hierarchy' to 'traditional Chinese clothing'. (Yes, all for the same story. I like variety, what can I say?)
I've got the initial setup done now, though, so hopefully it will get easier from here on. Exciting stuff should start happening soon... and being exciting steampunk stuff just makes it that much cooler. ; )
Well, since I haven't accomplished a great deal (i.e. much at all [i.e. anything at all]) today, I should probably get some work aside from writing done. Then I'll get back to writing.

Oh - and per special request from Marlene, who is graciously serving as moral support for those of us who have just flung ourselves into the battleground of NaNo, here is the teaser/synopsis from The Sword Masters of St. George's Academy:

*  *  *

They say the best place to hide something is in plain sight...
At least, that's the theory the British prime minister decides to rely on when he finds himself the target of a violent anarchist faction. Fearing for the safety of his teenaged son, the prime minister hopes to protect the boy by hiding him among the dozens of students at St. George's Academy, one of London's finest schools. Who would think to look for him there?
St. George’s Academy is renowned for employing only the finest teachers, and its sword masters are no exception: Thaddeus Morgan, master of a revolutionary fencing technique sweeping Europe; Fu-han Dao, master of Eastern-style swordsmanship as well as hand-to-hand fighting. Both reputed to be legendary in skill. Who better to protect the prime minister’s son?
So when young Reuben Clark arrives at the school, Thaddeus and Fu-han find themselves conscripted into a job they didn’t sign up for or want—a job that they both know involves much more than simply looking after one teenager. With the entire school's safety now at risk and resting in their hands, it quickly becomes obvious that no one can be trusted... and that plain sight might not be the best place to hide something after all.


  1. I really want to read this story! :)

  2. Wow - thanks, ladies! That's awesome to hear! Who knows? If all goes well, you just might get to read it one day. : )


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