February 4, 2014

New Short Story out in Havok Magazine

Hey, all! Some of you may remember reading about the flash fiction contest I won at the Realm Makers' convention last August. (If you don't you can refresh your memory Here.) Well, that story, The Mermaid's Pocketwatch, is now in print in Issue 1.1 of Havok Magazine!
Just thought I would let you all know. You can get more information, subscribe, order copies of individual issues, or learn how to submit your own writing to Havok by Clicking Here.
(And of course, be sure to check out Page 3 of this issue for The Mermaid's Pocketwatch!)

New from Splashdown Books: Aquasynthesis Again

Aquasynthesis Again, Volume II of the short story anthology from the authors at Splashdown Books, is now available to order via Amazon!
And yes, since I'm now officially a Splashdown author, I'm one of the lineup! I am very excited that my short story, "Steel Gray," gets to be a part of this unique project.
So Click Here to order your copy of Aquasynthesis Again! We're selling them at cost--only $5 apiece for a novel-length collection of short stories, woven together into a unified body with the skillful narration of author Fred Warren.
There are some cool stories in here, guys. You won't want to miss it.