Here's what people are saying about Mary's writing:

"I loved how the book was written. How it pulled me in and wrapped around me and showed me a world I'd never imagined before, but told it in a way I felt like I'd been there before. Like I wasn't a stranger....I had trouble putting it down, and I will be watching for the next one. Mary has a way of telling a story, a way to weave things together. The story flowed beautifully, I'm not even sure I can explain it, there were just so many parts and elements to the story and I just love how Mary wrapped it all together."    ~Jack
(Full review Here)

"It was like Minas Tirith meets Dale and Cair Paravel all in one. I wish Farindel was a real place so I could explore it.  ~Grace Gidman
(Full review Here)

"I highly recommend this book for fantasy lovers, those who like grittier fiction, or anyone looking for a powerful allegory."   ~Sarah Holman,
(Full review Here)

"The first, and greatest thing I noticed about Pursselley's novel was the superb pacing....There were virtually no slow parts to the book....The depth of culture in this world was very real....It was one of the rare cases where I have read a fantasy novel other than Lord of the Rings and been able to picture this realm as a real place....Throughout the entire novel, the dialogue really shines. It felt genuine, snappy, and engaging....The dialogue was by far my favorite part of Song of the Wren-Falcon to read."   ~Emily Tjaden
(Full review Here)

"I got a crush on this book, particularly the ending. Not a crush on the characters, but on the story as a whole, complete with the inability to stop thinking about it and butterflies in the stomach. I am a Song of the Wren-Falcon fangirl now."   ~Jacey S. (Amazon Reviewer)

"If you like Lord of the Rings, you will probably love this book....You fall in love with every character...The characters are great, the settings are wonderful, the map is a wonderful help, it's just simply a wonderful read from start to finish. I look forward to reading the second book!"   ~Thornfaith (Amazon Reviewer)

"I thoroughly enjoyed The Song of the Wren-Falcon. While the overall feel is reminiscent of Tolkien and other classic fantasy, the plot and characters are unique, and there are plenty of well-foreshadowed surprises. It's far above most of the young adult fantasy written today (doesn't really even compare)! Highly recommended!~Kyleian (Amazon Reviewer)

"It would make a great movie."   ~Eumolpius (Amazon Reviewer)

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