June 16, 2015

A Knight on the Old North Shore Now Available on Kindle!

Greetings, all! After a ton of delays, technical difficulties, and the complications of life, I am thrilled to announce that A Knight on the Old North Shore is now live and available on Kindle!
I am so super excited about this project, which also happens to be the pilot project of Magical Ink Media, a publishing co-op that my friends H.A. Titus and Elynn W. Marsh and I have started together.
Special thanks to Elynn for designing the gorgeous cover art, and to Heather for doing the editing and formatting. I couldn't have done it without you girls!
And now, for the rest of you, get on over to Amazon and check it out! Elves, dragons, mysterious travelers, stormy shores, unstable portals...there's something here for everyone. Be sure to post a review on Amazon as well as Facebook, personal blogs, Goodreads, and wherever else you feel inclined once you've read it.

Enjoy, everybody!