May 2, 2014

Steampunk versus Cyberpunk - The results are in!

Hey, all! Some of you probably heard about the epic genre-versus-genre contest that Splickety Publishing Group ran in issue 1.2 of their speculative imprint, Havok. If you didn't, here's the rundown: Havok hosted a competition between the Steampunk and Cyberpunk genres to see which one was the best.
Naturally, I enlisted on team Steampunk.
Good news: I made the top 3 in my division!
Bad news: My division lost, and Cyberpunk was declared "Ruler of the Genres." All of you who know how I feel about Steampunk will be able to guess how I feel about that.
But hey, I still made the overall top 6, which got my story, "Flesh and Bone," a slot in Issue 1.2 of Havok, so I'm happy as can be.
You can pick up your copy of Havok 1.2 (and, for you writers out there, keep up to date on all the latest contests and publishing news) at
Hope you enjoy all the results of an epic competition, but of course I especially hope you enjoy "Flesh and Bone"!