February 26, 2010

Hey, everybody, I'm back!

It's been almost two months since my last post, I know. 2010 got off to a rough start for my family. It started when I got a full-time job literally dumped in my lap after a year of unempoyment - a bit of a shock, needless to say. In late January, we found out that my grandpa's leukemia was back with a vengeance after 12 years of remission. That news was followed two weeks later by his passing on February 2.
Since then it has been a frenzy of trying to adjust to the loss of our family patriarch. It's a strange feeling when you see or hear something and think "I've got to tell Pa about that - he'll just love it!" and then realize that you can't. It's odd to walk through my grandparents' house and hear only the sounds made by an empty building. But inspite of all that we're happy for him and can't wait to join him on the other side with our Savior.
So if, during the last two months, any emails and phone calls have gone unreturned, any blog or apricotpie posts have gone unread, birthdays unnoticed, struggles unencouraged, victories uncongratulated, etc. - tell me about it! I've missed you all, and I'm eager to get back 'in the loop'. Now that things are starting to develope some sort of routine (and I've got a brand-new-just came-home-from-the-store-last-night-!!! laptop to write and post on!!!) I'm back on line and dying to get back in touch and on top of things. So if there's any big news, interesting news, just news in general, or if you just want to talk and help me ge tup-to-date on all the goings-on, fill me in - pretty please!


  1. I'm sorry. My great-grandfather died this month as well. I miss him alot.

  2. AWESOME! Glad you got your laptop finally! Have fun being mobile with your writing. Sorry I missed you at orchestra today. See you next week @ the rehearsal!

  3. Oh, Mary, I'm so sorry that your grandpa died. It would be so hard for me to loose Papa. And what makes it worse is that I don't think he's a Christian. I love my grandpa so much :) But I'm glad you got a job and a new laptop (new stuff is so much fun:). I hope you'll be putting up more of Shadowfield soon :)
    God bless,

  4. I just discovered your blog today -- I wasn't sure if you had one or not until I found a link on Anna's blog.
    It is good to hear some news from you. I am sorry to hear of your Grandfather's passing. I hope you can still find the time to blog, with everything that's going on.


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