October 19, 2010

My first NaNoWriMo - the countdown begins!

I'm sure some of you will probably be surprised to learn that, in spite of all my years of writing, I've never taken part in NaNoWriMo before. It's true. I thought about it last year, but somehow just couldn't quite talk myself into it. I was deeply involved in finishing Draft 1 of Son of The Shield at the time, and couldn't afford the distraction. So, I kept plugging away at SoTS and watched as my friends slowly lost their marbles throughout the month of November. By December 1, when said friends had collapsed into heaps of hysterical white-haired gnomes, I thought "And they wonder why I don't do this?"
But then I had the privilege of actually reading the results. For being written in only a month's time, the stories were remarkably good!
And, after another year of listening to "Mary, you really should do NaNo, you really should. Even if just to say you've done it, come on, just do it, you really should," I finally came to the conclusion that I might as well. What could it hurt? Er--ahem--besides adding me to the aforementioned pile of hysterical gnomes, that is.
I am officially signed up for NaNo now, waiting very nervously for November 1 to dawn, so that I too can begin my journey to white-haired gnome-hood!
So, Lair Dwellers, how many of you are undertaking NaNo this year? I'm MaryRuth (one word) on the website, so look me up and I'll be happy to add you as a writing buddy! After all, if you've got to be a hysterical gnome, you may as well have company doing it, no?


  1. Ha! I did NaNo last year. =D

  2. I added you already and you added me, so we can be writing buddies!

  3. I'm not sure if I will do NaNo this year (I did it last year, but didn't win), but I'll probably sign up for it just in case. Right now I'm kind of working hard on a story (it's actually the one I did for last year's NaNo, about the twentieth rewrite). But, yes, I'll add you as a writing buddy, if I sign up :)

  4. Oh, my username is Tahlia Tumbleweed. =)

  5. REally, Mary? White-haired gnomes? Really?


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