October 30, 2010

Two Days, NaNo-ers!

Time to tidy up your writing space, stock the cupboard with your favorite writing snacks, dig out your background CDs and soundtracks, charge up the laptop batteries, and get lots of sleep.
In addition to updating my word count on the NaNo website, I'll do my best to post an update once a week or so here at the Lair. Any of you Lair Dwellers who are doing NaNo too, feel free to leave comments updating us on your own word count!
Good luck, everyone, and write well!


  1. Sleep? During NaNo? Or did you mean after NaNo? ;-)

    I don't think I've left a comment here in awhile. *hangs head* This is "Laura" [formerly from Shieldmaiden for God], but I deleted my old blog and got a domain name. Using my real name, not my pen name.
    I believe I've friended you on the NaNo site... I'm "the_authoress".

    Best of luck!!! This is my second year, so I'm a "hardened veteran". ;-)

    ~Laura {Hannah Grace}


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