September 13, 2012

Prayer Request

(I seem to be having a lot of those lately!)

I would like you all to please pray for a friend of mine, a young man named Andrew. Yesterday evening he had an accident on a farm tractor and tore the ring finger off of his left hand. He got out of surgery a little before 12:30 this morning, but sadly the surgeons were only able to reconstruct about half of his finger.
Please pray, obviously, for his physical recovery. He broke his little finger on top of losing his ring finger, and he's going to be in for a long and painful healing process.
But also, pray that God would keep him in good spirits. This would be a big loss for anyone, and Andrew is only 17. Please pray that he won't let himself become angry or bitter about this, but that instead he will let it grow and strengthen his faith in Christ.
Please pray for his family and friends too, that they (and we) will be able to give him the comfort and support and encouragement he needs as he comes to terms with this new and difficult aspect of his life.
And of course, join me in thanking God for protecting Andrew, and that a single finger was all he lost! Believe me, there is so much that can go wrong with farming equipment, and it could have been much, much worse.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.


  1. Yikes. I was in shock when you sent me the email last night. You never think that something like this would happen to someone you grew up with...

    1. I know. I think it shook us all up a bit. Thankfully he seems to be in pretty good spirits - he asked if he could still go to orchestra tomorrow. : )


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