September 7, 2012


Many of you have been joining me over the last few months in praying for rain for the mid-west. This has been the driest, hottest summer I have ever seen, and we've been desperate for some moisture.
Well, I'm very pleased to report, we have finally had some rain! Yesterday afternoon we were blessed with a regular toad-strangler. (For those of you not familiar with the hillbilly dialect, imagine standing in the shower with the water going full blast, while someone sprays you with a garden hose. That's a toad-strangler.) It only lasted a few minutes, but it was a huge blessing. We also got some hail, but it was only pea-sized - not really large enough to arouse anything beyond mild interest.
Today was the real excitement: more rain, but rain that brought straight-line winds of up to 80 mph with it. My family and I were all stranded in town and a bit worried about what we would find when we came home, but fortunately all the animals are okay and there is no damage to our house or outbuildings. Some huge tree branches came down in our yard, barely missing my parked car and the family four-wheeler, and a barrel of glass canning jars was flung across the yard, leaving a trail of (amazingly, unbroken) jars in its wake. But we got rain!!!
The creeks aren't running yet, but there are at least puddles in them, which is more than we've had since the end of May. This is a huge, huge blessing. We're not out of the woods completely yet, as far as the drought is concerned - we have a lot of rainfall to catch up on - but we are so blessed and so thankful for what we've received the last two days.
Thank you all so much for your prayers.


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  1. Hurrah! I'm so happy for ya'll! It looks like we got out of Iowa just in time ;) We've been having rain pretty much every day here in Florida. About two weeks ago we were having rain every day for a long time. I love the tropical storms here, although you don't want to be caught in one :D


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