November 26, 2012

Journaling NaNoWriMo, Day 26

Total Word Count So Far: 31,333

Yes, I am unbelievably far behind. And it has been way too long since I've journaled, so please forgive me.
This November has turned out to be one big hectic roller coaster. In a moment of blind, rash stupidity, I decided that I needed to tear the old carpet out of my room and give the whole thing a thorough deep-clean... in November. *Note to Self: Never, ever undertake a project of this nature in the month of November again!* Then my mom got sick and was down for a few days, which left me in charge of all the normal, routine cooking and housecleaning, on top of the added work of getting ready for Thanksgiving. No sooner did Mom get well than I got sick and was down for three days, so Mom had to cook Thanksgiving dinner all by herself, while I laid on the sofa and got absolutely no writing done.
By the time I got well and was able to open up my NaNo document again, I was 12,000 words behind. Can I get caught up fast enough to still finish on time? I guess we'll see.
As for the story itself, it's taking some crazy and totally unexpected turns. I've had a bit of a hard time dealing with 'quantity over quality', but my main character Thaddeus took it upon himself to call me out into the story and give me a pep talk (yes, I am actually in a scene in the story - blue jeans and all), which helped me get back on track. That's when the surprises started showing up in the story. So far I've discovered that one of the characters, who was supposed to just be a highly annoying good guy, is actually a bad guy. Then this random Chinese girl, Jen, waltzed into the story, and apparently she and my character Fu-han have some pretty intense history that neither of them want to talk about. Thaddeus' wife and sons, who weren't supposed to be actively involved in the story at all have now been dragged out of their home and through the streets of London in the middle of the night to hide out at Jen's house where the bad guy can't find them. Thaddeus' student Cole has developed a major crush on Thaddeus' daughter Ann. At the moment, Thaddeus and Fu-han have broken into a textile factory in search of the leader of the anarchist rebellion. And I, the writer, have absolutely no idea where any of this is going.
With only four days left, though, I'm going to have to hurry and find out!


  1. Ahhhhh! Sounds so awesome :D :D I want to read this someday :D

    1. Well, thank you! Don't worry, someday I'm sure I'll have it worked over and presentable and you'll be able to read it. ; )

  2. Aw, you have one of those stories. Sometimes when the characters take over it is helpful, but usually it is nice if they at least tell us. You know, being the authors and all.

    This NaNo was the year for insane craziness. It has happened to almost everyone I know. Hopefully it got it all out of its system and next year can be less insane.


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