April 25, 2011

I'm an Editor!

Over the last couple of years I've edited several novels, short stories, and essays for friends, just for fun and, well... because that's what friends are for, right?
But I am very excited to announce that I am now editing officially for an up-and-coming publishing house, Rhizome Publishing! I first learned about Rhizome Publishing after reading their debut release, Crabgrass & Oak Trees (Click Here to read my review of the book). Rhizome is somewhat of a 'hybrid' in the publishing world, using a unique approach "to re-imagine culture through creative stories and ideas." Visit their website, rhizomepublishing.com, to learn more.
I am so excited about the opportunity this will give me to learn and grow as a writer. God is absolutely amazing, and I am thrilled that He has opened this door for me!


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