April 22, 2011


I imagine I'm not the only writer of speculative fiction who has been asked a question along the lines of: "How can you use your stories to tell people about God if the stories aren't set in the real world?"
I love being asked this. If the person asking is not a Christian, the question gives me the chance to tell them about my Savior. If they are already a Christian (in my personal experience, the people asking this question usually are), I get an opportunity to talk with them about God and, hopefully, help them see Him in a way that maybe they hadn't thought of before.
My God is not limited by the confines of a single universe. To me, the idea of stories set on Planet Earth being the only stories that can be used to show God to readers equals the idea that God is not great enough to extend into other universes.
My God is the God of all creativity, imagination, and originality. Just as I don't put every single idea I have for subplots, character quirks, landscape features, plot twists, and architecture designs into one single novel, I don't believe for one instant that God put every single idea and feature He ever conceived inside this one little universe we live in.
My God transcends the bounds of our universe's space and time. He created a solar system in which the planets go around the sun, a world of four seasons, a man of the dust of the ground, an endless vacuum hostile to life surrounding our tiny little home planet, but His creations do not limit Him. My God existed before Time and Space, and He exists outside of them. The fact that He created them does not limit Him to existing within their boundaries.
My God's imagination is a diverse one--the same mind that conceived the red storm on the planet Jupiter imagined the whiskers on a mouse's face; the same breath that ignited the inferno of the sun breathed life into Mankind--but I believe that even the vast diversity and variety of our world do not begin to do justice to the creative powers of His mind.
My God transcends the bounds of my imagination, and of yours, and of our universe. Of course it would be just as easy to share my God with readers through stories set only in the 'real world'. My question is: Why would I confine God that much?
Have a blessed Easter, everyone!


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