June 15, 2011

Know what today is?

It's the 15th!
That's right, and a new chapter of Falls the Shadow is available to read on The Lost Scribes.
Click here to read it!
Chapters 1 and 2 introduced you to the Forgotten Sector, a devastated and shattered world where even your next meal is uncertain; where kids like Libby spend their lives fighting to protect what little the Bug Wars left them; where people like Skylar Bench still dare to dream of something more than scrounging for existence in rubble-filled alleys.
Now, Chapter 3 takes you into the affluent world of the White Tiger, where hunger and poverty are never an issue; where politicians use wealth and deception to insure their status and authority; where field operatives like Galvin Maricossa are used to make certain no uprising or rebellion has a chance to take hold in the conquered city of Shandor Rei.

Don't miss this new chapter--the adventure is only beginning!


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