May 8, 2012

Deadline: June 16th!

Son of the Shield is getting close, my friends. I'm very close to completing the final edit/rewrite/overhaul before it's ready to start showing to publishers. Progress is even starting to speed up, the more I get done, sort of like putting a puzzle together - the more pieces you get put in place, the easier it is to find where the remaining pieces belong.
Still, as just another way of keeping myself focused and motivated, I've decided to set a deadline for having it done. I'm the kind of person who thrives on a good challenge (part of why I love NaNoWriMo), and deadlines have helped me stay focused on projects in the past, so it ought to work now too.

I've chosen June 16th as the deadline for having Son of the Shield finished.

Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. One, June 16th is my birthday so it's an easy date for me to remember. Two, June 16th is close enough to be a challenging deadline to meet. Three, June 16th is far enough out to be realistic and allow time for unforeseen disasters such as tornadoes (always a possibility where I live), farming troubles, work or family crises, nuclear war, civil unrest, outbreaks of the bubonic plague, etc.

So, all you noble, faithful followers who have been hearing of and waiting for Son of the Shield for so long, take heart! The time is drawing near!
But wait, there's a task for all of you as well. (You didn't think I'd let you off that easy, now, did you?)
I set a deadline for myself because I wanted to have a goal to work towards. But now that I've shared it with all of you, it's official. And I expect you to hold me to it. I am officially granting permission to each and every one of you to nag, harass, and pester me about it. I'll be posting some kind of progress update on it at least once a week... but if I don't, you may torment me about that too.
And when it's finally finished, I plan on having some fun here at the Lair to celebrate my biggest writing accomplishment so far. I don't know what it will include yet... Some behind-the-scenes looks at the writing of Son of the Shield, perhaps, or maybe even some sneak peeks?... but I guarantee it will be a lot of fun. Your dedication and nagging will not go unrewarded.  : D

And with that, I'm off to work on Son of the Shield. June 16th is only thirty-nine days away!


  1. Go Mary! :) I'll pester you, but you may have to pester me to remember to pester you. :D

  2. Mary, that's truly exciting! As I'm still immersed in a major edit/rewrite myself, I can imagine how wonderful it must feel to be approaching the end. Let the nagging begin. :)

  3. I'll try to pester you :D
    And I can't wait for some special features!
    I hope you can make your deadline; I'm pulling for you :D

  4. No way...that's my birthday too!

    1. Seriously? How weird is that? So, now I have to ask... how old will you be?

    2. In human, elf or time-lord years? Old enough to drive, too young for social security. Or you could ask LoriAnn. She least, I think she does.

  5. Thanks for your help in promising to pester me, everyone! Yes, I am very much looking forward to being done with this phase and moving on to something else. : )

  6. I'll pester you! (Only if you pester me about finishing Half Blood--my deadline is my birthday for the rewrite of that as well.) :) And you know as always I'm here for any beta reading, edit/crits, etc.
    Now...GO WORK! LOL


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