May 9, 2012

Had to share...

The following is the transcript of a real conversation with my brother Caleb.

Caleb: "Hey Mary, you know what would be awesome?"

Me: "Yeah - a hairband with the inscription from Aragorn's hunting knife engraved on it."

Caleb: "Oh... uh, I was gonna say 'helicopter jousting'."

LOL - I love my brother.


  1. I'll order two of each, please.

  2. Remind me, what does Aragorn's hunting knife *say*?

    1. The inscription reads 'Gud Daedheloth' or 'Foe of Morgoth's Realm' (in elvish script, of course).

  3. That would be similar to an exchange that might take place between my brother and me :D
    Also, that would be an awesome hairband!


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