May 28, 2012

Remembering Warriors

Be they rugged rangers, mighty centaurs, fearless mice, chivalrous knights, or valiant dragon riders, we writers spend a lot of time creating and writing about warriors of one kind or another. And what reader isn't constantly longing for some new tale about a noble, selfless warrior? Their stories are the ones that take us on heart-pounding journeys through laughter, tears, darkness, shadow, struggle, bravery, sacrifice, love, and pursuing what's right no matter the cost. Their stories are what keep us going back for more.

But our fictional warriors and heroes wouldn't mean much if they weren't rooted in reality. Without the sacrifices and bravery of our real-world warriors, our ability to appreciate the fictional ones would be greatly diminished, if it existed at all.

So this Memorial Day, take time to reflect on the true stories of our real-world warriors who gave everything they had, right down to their very life, for what they believed in... with no guarantee of a happy ending. That's what true courage and valor look like, my friends.


  1. Looks like we had similar thoughts on our minds yesterday--as we should! I hope you had a good Memorial Day. :)

    1. I had a lovely Memorial Day, thank you. Hope you did too. : )


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