May 12, 2012

Son of the Shield - Status Report

Wednesday I spent an approximate total of six hours editing/rewriting sword fight and ambush scenes. During those six hours I had the Minas Tirith theme from the LOTR soundtrack on repeat (Click Here to listen) since it makes such great ambush music, but I'm pretty sure it's permanently engraved on my brain now. I've even dreamed it the last few nights.
Son of the Shield has some awesome revamped ambushes in it, though! (If I may say so without sounding boastful ; )
Special thanks go to my brother James, too, for all his help and insight on how the mind of a man works. I'm sure by now he's very tired of me saying "Okay, James, so if you were in this situation and so-and-so did such-and-such..." but he's been very patient and helpful, so hopefully my male readers of the future won't be disgusted with me. : )
The project as a whole is moving along well, and I'm very hopeful about making my deadline. 
A fellow Christian writer, Brian McBride, also gave me a great idea with some graphics he did for his own WIP (you can check them out Here, at his blog) and I'm starting to think about doing something kind of similar.
First things first, though - and finishing Son of the Shield is definitely first!


  1. I'm always very anxious about writing my male characters correctly, and for some reason I never thought of asking my brother for help :P And it's rather important, since a lot of my main characters are boys.
    I'm really excited to learn more about Son of the Shield. Keep writing!

    1. The majority of my main characters are guys also. Fortunately, my brother James is an excruciatingly logical, no-nonsense type of person who's not afraid to tell me if I've written something totally absurd, so he's a big help. : )
      Don't worry - I'm writing as fast as I can!

  2. I do the same thing with music. Right now it's "Arthur and Gwen" from the Merlin soundtrack, which is unfortunately less than five minutes long.

  3. Like you, if there's one song that really seems to fit a chapter/scene, I put it on repeat. And yes, it often remains stuck in my head.

    Great progress! :)


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