May 30, 2012

Son of the Shield Status Report

Only seventeen days left to go on the deadline, friends. I'm nervous about it getting so close, but I'm also getting pretty excited. I'm starting to see all the little pieces of the story that have been disjointed or in a mess until now come together and start to look presentable, and after so long trying to organize this monstrous mess that is a happy sight, I can assure you.
I feel like I've been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster the last few days, though, since I'm moving so fast through the manuscript. One minute I'm in the midst of a furious battle, then an angry tirade (the character's, not mine) then a one-on-one swordfight, then a capture, a chase, an escape (insert Peter Falk's voice saying 'revenge, giants, monsters, true love, miracles...') etc.
My characters and I are all going to be utterly exhausted by the time June 16th gets here. But that's okay, because starting June 17th, we're all taking a vacation. I'm going to sit in a lawn chair under the maple tree and start on the stack of new books that have been piling up waiting to be read, and my characters will all be free to relax and do whatever it is they do when we're not together trying to organize the three-ring circus called Son of the Shield.
But until then it's back to work. Daylight's burning.


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