October 3, 2012

Some October Writing

Yesterday afternoon I was outside taking laundry down from the clothesline when I noticed a robin sitting in the highest branch of our maple tree, singing. I started thinking about how he should be flying south soon, and started letting my imagination play with the question of what a Robin might be singing about in October. This was the result of my musings:

A Robin's October Song

Who'll go south with me?
Oh, who'll go south with me?
I am flying for the south
before the white frost catches me.
I'll go lonely if I must,
but I assure you I'd prefer
a companion or a sweetheart
to go with me as before.

Who'll endure with me?
Oh, who'll endure with me?
I am going on a journey
over land and over sea.
We'll grow weary 'ere arrival
but the end is its reward,
as we're singing in the sunshine
of a warm and distant shore.

Who'll return with me?
Oh, who'll return with me,
in the springtime of our homeland
and my true love ever be?
We'll build a home and build a family,
set them on their wings, and then
we'll begin our journey southwards
with the sunshine once again.

Copyright 2012 Mary Pursselley


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