February 5, 2013

February Character Costume Challenge!

Most of you probably remember the Character Costume Challenge that Gillian Adams put on and that I participated in back in October. If not, you missed out on a lot of fun! (And if you'd like, you can Click Here to see my character costumes.)
Well, Gillian has now decided to make the Character Costume Challenge a monthly event, and the next one is February 8th!

I had so much fun with the October challenge, so I'm definitely going to be taking part in this one too.
And those of you who've been listening to me talk about my first novel, Son of the Shield, ought to be happy about this one: I'm dressing as Orienne Seritan, the leading lady from SotS! The pictures will go up Friday morning, so be sure to check in! ; )

If you'd like to participate too - even if you're not a writer - then Click Here for the full details.
Hope to see your costumes on Friday!

Until next time.


  1. Thanks for announcing it on your blog Mary! Can't wait to see your new costumes. :)

  2. I am going to have to do this one of these days...it just sounds like way too much fun to pass up! nd I'm SOOOOO glad you're doing Orienne!! :D

    1. I'd better see you doing it one of these days, young lady! ; )
      Yeah, I'm pretty excited about doing Orienne too. It's gonna be fun!


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