September 6, 2011

New Short Story Published!

Hey, all! For anyone who's interested, I have a new short story, "Communiqué," just published on Avenir Eclectia. Click Here to read the newest installment of Celeste's and Celia's story.

If you haven't read my other stories on Avenir Eclectia but you'd like to check them out, Click Here. Be sure to give me your feedback--I love hearing from my readers! And while you're there, browse around and check out all the stories on the site. There are a lot of very talented writers there, offering a lot of really great stories.

The next post in my "Arming Your Hero" series will be here soon, so be sure to stick around. Meanwhile, carry on and write well!


  1. Hey, I already commented over there.
    But I'll say something here.
    Sometimes in Science Fiction, families are poorly represented. Often the characters come on the scene with no family or bad family situations.
    I heard it said once that there were two types of Science fiction, the highly technical and all the rest. And the highly technical holds sort of a snobby attititude toward all Science fiction that is not highly technical and allows more of a human/family/relationship feel come in (beyond a shallow love interest).
    I don't know if that's all true.
    All I know is that I can't write anything, Spec or otherwise, without family relationships being involved somehow.
    That's why I like your sister characters in you Avenir Eclectia story.

  2. Thank you, Kaye. I appreciate your feedback!
    Those are some good thoughts you have, too. Personally, (not being scientifically or mathematically inclined) I can't write the highly technical stuff either. So all of my writing hinges on the people, the relationships, and the personal struggles, like yours. I think that kind of thing does sometimes get overlooked, especially in spec fic, where completely new and fantastic settings and technology tend to take over center stage. It's good to know that I'm not the only one out here who sees things that way! : )


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